Third Screen Output for Livestream

Have an option (similar to stage display) for another output for a livestream. Customizable for example; a lower-third.

It’s difficult removing the background of images when have our ATEM MINI Pro remove the background; we have to have a solid colour such as white but we want to put back our video/image background for when we have hybrid services (in-person and online).

I’m currently exploring the possibility of adding NDI Output support to Quelea, mainly for integration with OBS, but it might possibly help here too, if I ever get it fully working etc. I was only looking to add it for “static” things, not videos, but what I have done may well work for this use case as well. For NDI Output I wanted to have it just output the words on a transparent background, so that OBS doesn’t have to do any keying to remove the background. With NDI you could use the NDI Video Monitor to pick up the NDI signal and display on another monitor. Feel free to add comments to NDI Output support · Issue #336 · quelea-projection/Quelea · GitHub if you think it might be useful!

The ATEM MINI Pro is also mentioned in this topic:

It also introduces software called quelobizer, helping in live OBS streaming situation to show texts.