Downloading Quelea for Mac

Hi - apologies if I am being really thick, I am trying to download Quelea 2019.0 on my Mac but unable to open the file once downloaded in the Mac version, error is The application “Quelea” can’t be opened. When using the Cross-platform downloader, I can download and run the installer but then can’t launch the application. Many thanks! Edd

Today, Quelea 2019.1 was released.
Could you retry the MAC installation with this latest stable Q release?
Regards and blessings,

Thanks Dirk
I’ve downloaded 19.1 and it opens up which is great. Firstly I like the interface at lot compared with other similar software, it is very easy to use! Two things I am struggling with:

  • I seem to be unable to add fonts from the system where they are capitals only fonts; (others i.e. Apple’s Chalkboard load fine)
  • Quelea seems to crash fairly often and unexpected (4 times this afternoon), especially whilst customising the global theme, any thoughts?

That sounds strange! Could you maybe send us the debug log so that we could see if anything strange is going on?

By the way, which version of Java are you using? Quelea is built to work with Java 8.