Unable to Successfully Launch Mac Version

Running 2021 on a mid-2014 Macbook Pro 15" Retina running Mojave. Working great!

My only issue is one that I’ve had for years. I am unable to launch Quelea from an installation of the quelea-2021.0-mac.zip. I receive the following error:

“Quelea” is damaged and can’t be opened. You should move it to the Trash.

I’m forced to either run the cross-platform version or to access the Package Contents for the Mac installation and manually launch Quelea.jar

It’s a small thing overall. Certainly not a show-stopper. But it would be great to know how others are having success, if anyone is.

I’ve experienced the same thing; see this issue on GitHub.

My workaround was to open the terminal in the same directory as the downloaded app file, then run the command:

xattr -cr Quelea.app

That removed the warning from the app and made it possible to run Quelea normally.

From what I can tell, that issue is now resolved in the latest CI. If you get the chance to test it and can confirm that it works without the above workaround, that would be great!

Thanks so much, Arvid! the terminal command did it. For any who try to follow your instructions above, you will need to enable the New Terminal at Folder service in Finder in order to “open the terminal in the same directory as the downloaded app file”.

I checked the latest CI. It works as advertised! Well done!!! And many thanks.

I’m running a MacBook Pro Late 2015 and I was able to extract the zip file and run the installer app, by first going to system preferences and opening security and privacy, unlock with master password then allow the program to run. That will do the trick every time. As fas the app running, It’s working fine on MacOS BigSur 11.3.1 with Quelea 2021.0 latest version