Features & Issues: Post 6/8 - Web View or Live screen loopback for OBS/streaming

Feature Improvements & Issues … let’s talk about Quelea.

Issue 6:

OpenLP can even transmit the whole view live via the app! Isn’t that amazing?
We don’t even have a display loopback for the green screen to OBS!
I get that some people like to put videos in quelea, but for me, unless it’s super simple or short clips in between songs or something it’s a silly idea!
We have OBS and 100s other multimedia players that will do a more efficient job and will give you control.
Personally, the only player I respect is PotPlayer. The rest besides VLC perhaps is absolute for me. Obviously, I know it’s powered by VLC but we don’t have the VLC control in Qulelea, do we?

General setup for production or streaming:

Honestly, for a big production, all live sound is mixed in a mixing console, all stream sounds on a DAW, which gets the audio from the console and can sent per-channel audio back processing. (I use that a lot actually!)
Actually, they usually use specialized hardware but many are now using software on server too.
The DAW will send all the sound to OBS (Music at least). OBS might still have to mix sounds from cameras directly perhaps, maybe even send some to the DAW or process them in place. Unless you are running NDI, then the cameras would go through the mixing technician.
All, videos is mixed in OBS or hardware encoders/decoders for more likely when you have lots of streams then fed the output to OBS.

Where does that leave Quelea?
Well, it should do what it does best and that is present. The quelea output should be fed to OBS obviously or the hardware. OpenLP can do that but Quelea can’t! That’s a major inconvenience in my opinion.


Well, you can actually do that with a virtual display and grab the projector screen then feed that display to OBS. But it shouldn’t be like that!
A browser source/virtual video source/NDI source should be available! Any of them.
It will be faster safer and really great to have a feature like that!

Context for Streaming:

What I am saying is not irrelevant because think about how many Churches & others started streaming after COVID-19?
This is a make-or-break feature and is of great importance to have good integration or at least easy integration into OBS.