Using quelea with OBS

I just put together a way of using OBS with quelea.

I will leave the link here for the repository and I will try to make it more installation friendly after this sunday service.

for the tech guys the way I did it was creating a webserver where the default behavior is to passthrough all requests to quelea remote webserver ( :1112 )

except for 2 endpoints the one that goes and fetches the lyrics and the one that changes the selected verse.

the one that fetches the lyrics was changed to create subsections on the current selected verse
with each subsection having at most N lines. and then it makes all the subsections clickable

And I also created a endpoint that retrieves only the active section in my midleman

Then I created a python obs script to change the labels inside the obs.
The script is always asking for the newest version, but the midleman only sends the script on changing subsection.

Very helpful - thanks very much! I’m sure this will be useful to a bunch of people.

I just put a demo online

Hello Tiago,

I like the demo. But what steps do I need to take to configure this solution in OBS? ( my current level of knowledge of OBS is: novice :slight_smile: )

Regards and blessing,


Sorry I didn’t get back to you sooner.
If it is still needed you will need to have obs running scripts and python installed.

It would be much more helpful if have a short video clip from first step til the final result .

I will just refer to this thread here, since I think it might be helpful to bunch of people. It’s very similar to Tiago’s solution, but it uses java instead of python.

I was trying to setup this in a friend of mine and I couldn’t install the obs python scripts necessary so I bit the bullet and went home and change it to work as a simple browser overlay without any major configuration in the obs side.

I did also add a readme in the project how to set it up. please try again it will be a lot easier and please report back.

Anybody knows how to set up script to showing text in the bottom of screen (like in demo video)? In my case, there’s visible all the interface with arrows on the right, words are going out of screen view in OBS. I did everything which was described in readme on github.

Thank you for answers in advance.