How do I quit the live mode

Once I clicked the Go Live bottom, seems the project is in live forever. Is there any key or bottom that I could quit the live mode and return the second monitor? I can’t find any help online.

If you enable this option in Quelea, the item will be removed if you remove it from the schedule. Otherwise you can always hide the output using either of the three buttons in the live panel. Hope that helps!

Thanks for your reply. But what I need is to release the second screen. Not just clean the text from the screen. Even If you click the icons, the screen is still blanked by Quelea. Any idea?

Sounds like the option you are looking for either is setting the projector output to “None” or enabling the option “Show extra live panel toolbar options” which allows you to toggle the output on/off.

Yes, I want to setting the output to None. Similar to easyslider.

Did you find the settings you were looking for?

Tools -> Options -> General Tab -> Show extra live panel toolbar options


Tools -> Options -> Display -> Projector screen -> None

Thank you! The option one is exactly what I need.