Videos do not play on projector screen/Output 2

Recently, any multimedia videos fail to display on projector screen/Output 2. The audio plays without any issue. The only workaround is to enter the Quelea Display settings, change the project screen from Output 2 to Output 1, exit the settings, reenter the settings, and change the project screen from Output 1 back to Output 2. Unfortunately, closing Quelea resets the issue.
I am running Quelea 2021, VLC player 3.0.16, and Java 8 Update 311.
Any assistance is highly appreciated.

After hours of trial and error, I figured out a permanent work around. By changing the projector screen setting from Output 2 to Custom Position, I was able to restore the video output.

Unfortunately, this fix causes the text for the songs to no longer fit on the screen. Now I am back to square one.

OK changing the computer display setting to the highest resolution restored the video. The video sent from Quelea to the livestream is about 20-25% smaller but still visible.

The custom projector screen settings are useful in case your computer is not connected to another screen.
But your computer obviously is connected …
Could you try the advanced Quelea setting “Automatically extend projection window to a recently plugged in device” WITHOUT using the custom projector screen settings?
You have to add it manually to the file using an editor like Notepad++
Location: c:\Users\your account\.quelea\

Sorry for the delayed response. I was out of town at a Bible Conference.
As instructed, I modified the file; however, the issue still exists. The video is fine on the projector screen but the size is reduced on the livestream.
I can enlarge the video on the livestream by starting the video and changing the Windows resolution, while it is playing.
Unfortunately, my backup A/V person is not as tech savvy as me so it would he a huge learning curve for him.

I have the self same issue. Except it’s on a brand new install and has never worked.

What is even more odd is that I installed Quelea and VLC on an older laptop and it worked first time. So frustrating. I’ve played with every graphic setting imaginable but can’t get video to work on a second monitor (my TV).

Machine is Win 11, Latest Quelea, latest VLC (both 64 bit), latest Java. Updated drivers.

I suppose the one saving grace is that it works okay on my wife’s Apple, and it it an iMac we have in church.