Java upgrade?

I am using Linux and see some flickering when fading. So I attempted to upgrade Java. I used openjdk from Azul, where it is possible to download builds including javafx. But it crashes the jvm when opening file dialogs. After some debugging I figured that adding -DVLCJ_INITX=no to the command line aligned initialization of threads with javafx. There are some issues using the newer java, like selecting theme is not working.
I see that it was previously attempted to upgrade to java 11, but it was cancelled - what were the reasons?
I have tried both java 11 and java 8 from Azul - both are able to start. I have not tested extensively though.

There were a whole bunch of reasons this was cancelled - from difficulties to packaging JavaFX (it was part of Oracle’s JRE release in Java 8, but removed in subsequent Java versions) to some library incompatibilities causing bugs at runtime, to the sheer volume of work required to verify it’s running correctly on all platforms.

With Java 17 being released imminently, and Gluon having taken over JavaFX, things look like they could be a lot more straightforward if we attempted it again - but it’s still a big piece of work with the potential to do more harm than good in terms of unearthing a whole bunch of bugs or incompatibilities, which is why it’s been left alone so far. It’s a solid “maybe” status at the moment - if I get a chunk of time to really look into it in the future then I might, but no guarantees.