LibreOffice with Quelea 2019.1 on Linux

I’ve checked out Quelea in the past, but haven’t used it recently. I installed the newest release version (2019.1) on Linux Mint 19.3 using the Linux Snap installer (because the .deb package version doesn’t seem to be supported anymore). It seems to load and run fine until I try to enable presentations via LibreOffice. When I go to Options --> Presentations, it asks for a path to “OpenOffice” (I’m assuming I can just give it the path to LibreOffice instead, since I use that instead of OpenOffice). But any time I try to browse to LibreOffice’s binary, as soon as I click the /usr folder it says Quelea doesn’t have permission to open it. If I try to enter the entire path (either /usr/bin/soffice or /usr/lib/libreoffice/program/soffice), it says the file doesn’t exist (which it does, but ok). If I just enter the path without the exact filename (such as /usr/bin or /use/lib/libreoffice/program), it seems to take that path entry, but after clicking OK, it says that OpenOffice (hopefully meaning LibreOffice?) couldn’t start. How do I do this properly?