Import LibreOffice Presentations

Is there a way to directly import LibreOffice presentations? I saw another thread regarding using LibreOffice instead of OpenOffice for presentations, but that’s different from what I want.

Quelea has the option to import presentations, but only .ppt or .pptx. I want to import .odp

The reason is there are some features (like drop shadow on text) that disappear when I convert from odp format to ppt or pptx. I don’t want to lose those features, so I’d like to directly import .odp presentations.

Afraid not at present. The issue is the library we use for generating the preview images of slides (Apache POI) doesn’t support Libreoffice file formats, so we’d have to find or develop an alternative library which did. While it’d be nice to have, it hasn’t been a priority for us so far which is why that import option isn’t available.

Thanks, I appreciate the response. I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s interested in this, but I understand about priority.

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