macOS Catalina Issue (Updated)


Love your resource as a replacement for my congregation’s lapsed former provider. As it turns out I am an eager updater, and “upgraded” my MacBook Pro to Apple’s newest OS, Catalina.

And now in Quelea, I don’t see the Save/Save As dialog pop-up when I try to save a new schedule. Is anyone else having this problem? Is there a workaround/update coming?

I made a change in the Tools, and had also edited some songs, as I built the schedule, before I tried to Save the schedule.

I found success when I immediately saved the schedule with nothing loaded, then added songs and images, and made changes to Tool Options, and was able to Save each and every time, including a Save As…


Not one we’re aware of I’m afraid. Could you recreate the problem then send us the debug log to see if that harbours any clues?

Good to see that you found a work-around. However, if you’re able to send us the debug log, we might find something that could solve this issue. Feel free to email it to either Michael or me, using first name