Long load times and Not Responding message when saving settings

On our main projection PC (Windows), Quelea performance has started to degrade. When I try to open a saved schedule, it often takes a few minutes for a simple service with just a handful of entries. Additionally if I go into the Tools/Options and click ‘Ok’ to save changes, the UI will lockup with a ‘Not Responding’ for a few minutes before coming back. At those times, javaw is the hichest CPU item in Task Manager. Performance is otherwise igood - changing and editing songs and Bible passages - even running PowerPoint. I have updated everything to the latest Windows, Java, VLC and Quelea versions, which has helped but the problem still occurs.

I noticed Quelea ships with its own JRE which seems fairly current. Can it be configured to run with the installed JRE at JAVA_HOME or would it even help? Perhaps that would make it difficult to support.

Any ideas?

Can you attach the Quelea debug log (https://quelea-projection.github.io/docs/Debug_log.html) in case that has any clues?

Beyond that if you grab the cross-platform version then that will work with an installed JRE rather than a bundled JRE, so feel free to try that. Beyond that, you can try temporarily renaming the “.quelea” folder inside your user directory (C:\users\USERNAME) - note that this will cause Quelea to load from scratch, with all settings and songs in the database lost, but it might be useful for testing (and you can put the original “.quelea” folder back again later, just make sure you don’t lose it!)