Mobile lyrics stopped working after update


We are having issues with mobile lyrics after updating our Mac Mini and Quelea - hope the following description makes sense!

Mobile lyrics worked fine previously, when we were running a very old version of MacOS (Yosemite 2014) and Quelea 2016, using an ad hoc/computer-to-computer network hosted on the Mac Mini.

Since we updated the Mac to High Sierra 2017, and Quelea to 2019.1, we can’t connect to mobile lyrics on either an iPhone or an iPad that previously worked fine - we can connect them to the ad hoc network, but going to the usual IP address doesn’t take us anywhere.

None of the IP or Quelea settings on the Mac have been changed from what I can see.

I’m not sure if it’s an issue with the Mac or Quelea, but does anyone have any ideas?

Many thanks,


Sorry, I’ve fixed this now - it was an issue with the subnet mask having changed on the Mac.