Quelea 2022

I am running Quelea 2022 on a laptop with Manjaro KDE (linux).
I have VLC installed, but when I start Quelea it says Quelea could not find VLC on your computer. It means I cant play videos in Quelea. How can I tell quelea that VLC is already installed?


I have no idea, and have the same problem with Ubuntu.

So I installed windows again.

You could try another version of Quelea and/or VLC.

I am running Quelea 2022 on a laptop with linux mint 20 cinnamon

Could you run:

find / -name “libvlc.so” 2>/dev/null

And post the output here? It may be we need to include some more paths when searching for VLC.

I got no answer:
find / -name “libvlc.so” 2>/dev/null

I got an advice from a friend, and he asked me to remove the " signs in your command. Here is the results:
find / -name libvlc.so 2>/dev/null

Thanks - just to check, is this a new problem in 2022?

No, it has been a problem since first time I tested a prereleas of 2022. And now, when there is no alternative, it is a big problem.

I’d suggest downgrading for the moment until we can get a fix in :+1:

How do I downgrade?

How install quelea2021 via snap?

Just an extra follow up. My version of Quelea updated in the last month to version 2022.0 and I’m having the same issues. I installed a couple versions of VLC but they don’t seem to be recognized. Thanks for looking at this, I will downgrade for now as well too. (running on Ubuntu 20.04)

P.S. I did like in the new version that they came up with something to stream line the video and presentation windows and looks like they fixed the layering issue that was there. Much appreciated.

Linux Mint 20.3 Cinnamon
I got no answer but found it manually
and link to libvlc.so.5.6.0

Thanks for this guys. I am actively working on a fix, but it’s not simple. In the meantime the only advise I have is to temporarily downgrade until it’s sorted.

I’ll post further updates here so as to keep everything in one place: VLC Not Detected · Issue #547 · quelea-projection/Quelea · GitHub

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