Vlc issues

How can I tell Quelea to include more paths when it searches for Vlc?

I have both 64-bit versions of Quelea and Vlc installed but Quelea can’t seem to find Vlc.

is this problem by any chance related to the problem in the
“Quelea 2022” thread?

Yes, it is. Do both apps have to be installed in the same directory?

Cause that is one solution the manual suggested for Windows. I’m on Fedora 36.

I think in the other thread the solution was to downgrade to the 2021 version until the pathfinding for the 2022 version is fixed. Seems to only be a isue in 2022 version

Didn’t want to downgrade but looks like I’ll have to. Thanks

Hey, thanks for the bug report and yes, afraid downgrading is the only option I can suggest until this is fixed. I am actively working on it and updates will be posted here: VLC Not Detected · Issue #547 · quelea-projection/Quelea · GitHub