Quelea imports title and author info, but not lyrics from propresenter 6 files

Quelea imports title and author info, but not lyrics from propresenter 6 files??? Help? I don’t want to have to retype 250+ songs into database. It pulled everything but the lyrics into the database. What am I doing wrong?

I could be wildly wrong here, but my impression of ProPresenter6 is that the lyrics are stored as pictures only. This is one of the major drawbacks to ProPresenter. Maybe there was another way of entering lyrics?

Edit, I should note that I was thinking of the rear projector showing chords, not the FOH.

ProPresenter 6, by default, stores it’s .pro6 song files in the folder : C:\Users\“account”\Documents\ProPresenter6

This could be a work-around for the mising lyrics issue:

  • Start PP6.
  • In the PP6 GUI : select all library songs using key comb “CTRL + A”.
  • Then “Right mouse click” and choose “Export ProPresenter Bundle”.
  • Choose a name and location for the bundle file, for example “Export ProPresenter Bundle.pro6x” on your desktop.
  • Wait until the export is finished.
  • Now use Quelea again to import the .pro6 songs in the above mentioned “account” folder.

This bundle export, I noticed with the sample library that comes with PP6, also changed the timestamps of the .pro6 song files. In fact, their internal xml-structure is updated by PP6 prior to the bundle export. And these updated .pro6 files (updated by PP6 itself!) can be imported in Quelea, with conservation of lyrics.

This work-around was tested with:

  • ProPresenter (with installed sample library of 64 songs)
  • quelea-2020.0-crossplatform-install

Please consider making a back-up of your PP6 database/installation prior to this work-around.
Check the PP6 user guide for details on this.


Dirk / Q user