Song import using PowerPoint Slides

I have been using PowerPoint now for our worship service for the past 2 years or so. I now have a folder with about 75 songs that I would use to import into my weekly presentation that I created in PowerPoint with a background image that correlated to the lyrics. Now I am trying to import them into my Quelea Song database and I found the topic that had a link to convert PowerPoint Sides in to a TXT file so you can import into Quelea. However, this option only imports the words. The backgrounds that I have get stripped away.

Is there a way to convert PowerPoint slides into a format that will import the slide, lyrics and background in to Quelea? Or…is there another worship software that would allow you to import PowerPoint Slides and then export them to a format that Quelea can import.


I know Quelea has the option to add presentations, so you could use Quelea as a media hub of sorts and run the slides out to PowerPoint through Quelea. You could also convert your Powerpoint slides into .jpg and load them into Quelea that way, but they won’t have any transition effects.

From what I understand, Quelea treats slides a little differently than Powerpoint. Rather than treating the text and background as one entity, it takes the background and overlays text on top of it.

If you’re planning to move your song repository into Quelea, your best bet would be to use the outline view in PowerPoint (or text chord charts if you’re using the stage monitor feature) and copy the text over into a new song in Quelea (this is what I’m doing for my church’s 200+ song catalog), then do the background theme setting at the same time, vs. importing them all and then going back to create the new backgrounds for each song. It’s a bit slower, but you only have to look at the song once, and it’s done for good. For the most part we use the same background on the songs, but this way the few that are different get configured right away.

I’m sure one of the coders can actually tell you why or why not importing .ppt is possible, but this is what I’ve found to be the best work flow for me.