Question about the stage screen

I copy and paste the scriptures from My Pastors notes and noticed that without making separate lines it put it all on one line on the stage screen and it’s too small to read.
It does this with my scripture when I use the Bible tab also.Can the stage screen automatically do what the projection screen does?

We have recently resolved an issue with the Stage View text being to small when displaying Bible passages, so if you try the latest beta it should be resolved by now. We have intentionally made a difference between the Stage Screen and the Projection Screen, and tried to keep the former less cluttered. There have been some suggestions by now to allow more features on the Stage View, so maybe we should reconsider it at some point. However, we won’t make it display the exact same thing in that case - for that it would be better to be able to select multiple outputs per mode. Until then, all I can suggest is to use some kind of output splitter to send the exact same output to both screens.

Ok I just updated but I didn’t use the Bible function.