Issues with song in projection screen

I’m using both projection screen and stage screen. For Bible verses, both are ok but when I load a song, the projection screen looks like the image attached. It’s so small and one or two words per line. I can it adjust it look normal or fill up the whole screen.

Could you try to use a other theme?
or is in the display settings custom projection turned on?

I tried the other themes that came with the installation and they all look the same. Here are screenshots of the theme

@_jes The display settings

@_jes here is the text settings. Anything you recommend to change?

At the moment after 14 characters there is a line break, I think if you increase the “maximum characters per line” the problem should be solved.
I have attached a screenshot of my settings

Here is a example how my settings look

@Sterwe thank you. That worked. :+1: