Format the Stage View Position

We are trying to take the StageView to Vmix via NDI. The problem we are having is that the Stage View is aligned Middle-Centre. Just wondering if it is possible to add the option to align the text to Top (line the main projector window). This will help us create a small window and just display that on Vmix rather than the full window.

Happy to code it, but is there a tutorial to give me a headstart on the coding?

Did you ever solve this issue ?
I’m working on the same problem, just want the text button off screen.
Best regards Henrik

I am also curious about this. I want to use Stage View as my simple white text output to overlay on our live stream, while simultaneously outputting rich backgrounds on our main projector. It would be great to have more flexibility on the formatting however. Currently the clock cannot be disabled and the ‘capitalize first letter’ option doesn’t apply to Stage View. Additionally Bible passages appear as one long line of microscopic text. Ultimately it would be super cool if Stage View used themes like the projection view or the theme UI used when creating a countdown timer.

I think there is an option now to make it left alignned. Currently, we are making sure all songs are fixed number of lines and if a particular paragraph is not up to that line quantity, we simply add <> to ensure all slides are having fixed no. of lines. Then we just play with zoom/pan of vMix to get what we want. Works OK but the font sizes are all not consistent between the slides.

Just wondering if this has been fixed?