Sponsorship for making an iPhone app

I’m Arvid and I am one of the core developers of Quelea. I am toying with the idea of using my time over the summer for Quelea development, specifically for making the remote app(s) available for iPhone (as well as Android). However, I would need to cover my living expenses via sponsorship over the summer to do this (around 460 EUR a month).

If you feel like you or your church could help sponsor me this summer (June through to August), then that would be fantastic. If so then please send me an email (arvid at quelea dot org) or reply here so I can work out if it’s feasible!

Hi Arvid,
My church and I are relatively new to Quelea and recently went live with it. We’ve been EasyWorship 2009 users for many years. We really like Quelea and the remote apps (for Android). Some people in our congregation have asked about an iPhone version of the apps. Since summer is now over, I wondered if you might have an update regarding iPhone app(s) for Quelea.

Hi Kent,

Thanks for the feedback! The remote app is more or less ready to be released (I think), but I’ve been waiting for the release of Quelea 2020.0 to send out a translation request to our translators, and since that release I’ve been quite busy.

I’m sending out an email to them today, so depending on how soon they will be able to translate and when I will find the time to setup an Apple account and such, my guess is that I should be able to start uploading the app in a couple of weeks or so, and then it will have to pass the App Store review process before it will be available.

If some of the people you refer to would consider testing it out before the final release, that would of course be helpful! I’m thinking about uploading it to TestFlight and making a beta release first to ensure that all bugs are sorted out.



Thank you very much for all your work on this. Happy to hear that the iPhone remote app may become available for TestFlight and beta release. I’m confident that we have some people who could test it out on some different models of iPhones.

Thanks again!


Hi all,

The app is now available in TestFlight for beta testing. Let me know if you find any bugs. https://testflight.apple.com/join/LgCYc6RW

If anyone wants to donate something to help sponsor the fee of $99/year that has to be payed to publish something to the App Store, that’s of course appreciated: paypal.me/arvidny



Wonderful news. Looking forward to trying it soon. I just sent you a contribution towards sponsoring the $99 fee for App Store publication.

The iOS is now live in the App Store:

Many thanks for the contribution, @PRBC!