The most stable platform for Quelea


Firstly, Quelea is great and we appreciate all the work you guys do for us.

However, I made the mistake of updating our MacBook Pro to version 12 of MacOS (Monterey) without reading this post first - Quelea 2021.0 crashing after Mac Monterey upgrade

We’re having exactly the same problem of constant crashes which is making it unusable.

It’s been suggested that we should be using a Windows PC as that’s what Quelea is developed for,

Is it the case that Windows is the most stable platform for Quelea because that is its native operating system?

Hi Anthony,

There’s not really a “native” stable platform for Quelea per-se, but it’s proboably true that Windoows is the most stable platform generally as far as Quelea is concerned. The devs use Windows primarily for development and don’t all have access to Mac devices (especially not the range we’d need for testing - Intel based Macs, M1 based Macs, M2 based Macs, etc.) so we’re simply more likely to find issues on Windows and fix them before release.

Hope that helps!

That’s helpful, thanks.