Unicode language support

Hi, I’m trying to use Quelea for a non English alphabet lyrics ,but the text turns into bunch of squares. Does the software support non-English alphabets such as all Unicode characters? How can I enable it if possible.

Update:, the characters are visible in z presentation box but not on the verse selection list above the presentation boxes for both live and preview , pls help

Hey, this should just work out the box, but it’s possible we’ve missed something. Is this the case with songs you’ve typed in, songs you’ve imported, or both? If you could send us a sample schedule so we could take a look that’d be great (you should be able to attach it here.)

As you can see the characters are visible in z presentation box after changing the fonts of specific theme of the song but on the preview pane it remains bunch of 000’s and also on the search box, the title turns to some non sense English characters instead of the original Unicode ones.

the songs are imported, i am unable to write the songs using “new song” menu as i cant write in the language i want… here is the sample song i imported አይዳ ፡ አብርሃም (Ayda Abraham) - ፈልጌህ (Felegieh).txt - Google Drive

Hi Nate,

Some of the importers aren’t able to support unicode I’m afraid - which one did you use?



Thanks for the quick response…
I used Plain text ,which ones do support Unicode ?

Plain text should. Could you attach the file you were trying to import?

Here’s z Google drive link

Are you Able to view the txt file through the Google drive link , I was unable to attach it here…

Kind reminder on this issue,