Added Bibles Not Showing Up In Tools - Options - Bible Dropdown

I added a few OpenSong and Zefania Bibles, but I didn’t think they added as the dropdown didn’t change.
Then I went to the main interface’s Bibles tab and they were in that dropdown (including duplicates as I didn’t think the import was successful).
There should be some confirmation that the import was successful and they should show up in the dropdown.
Also, how do I remove the duplicates now that I know they were successful?

After some amount of time (not sure if it had to do with importing songs, restarting the program, or what), the imported Bibles are listed in the dropdown.
It should be instantaneous, though.

That’s odd, it usually is instantaneous - there’s certainly no delay built in.

To delete bibles, you can go to Tools → Options, click “Bible” in the left hand pane, then there’s a “delete current bible” option.