Background video loops interfere with song text

We purchased a new laptop to use for projecting song lyrics, sermon slides and and other elements of the service.

Today was our first live trial.

I’m pleased to report that the problem I had before where Quelea would suddenly show output on Monitor 1 did not occur.

Unfortunately there was another problem.
The background videos loop, and when they hit the end of the loop, the text is truncated, and around 80% of the text is lost.

This laptop has only an HDMI output, and we’re using an HDMI to VGA adapter to get the signal to the projector.

I brought the laptop home, and connected it to a standard monitor, but I’m unable to reproduce the problem.

Edit: I left the same slide on screen for several minutes, and the video truncated even on my home monitor – but it took several loops before it occurred

If you click on another verse/chorus and back again, all is well – at least until you hit the end of a loop.

Any insights?

Here is what it looks like on screen:


Not sure what’s causing this I’m afraid, and haven’t been able to reproduce it so it could be a tricky one to solve…

I assume you get the same behaviour with the latest beta?

I found some mention in some of the issues on GitHub regarding overlay settings in VLC
This appears to bear on the problem I had with the old laptop where the video flickered on repeat. I had hoped it would solve this:

What I have found so far:

  • VLC ( and Quelea (2019.0) are both 64-bit
  • Although the above settings change was made it does not completely solve the problem
  • When a song is moved preview the video background shows only as an icon – except for .mov files. When “go live” is clicked, the title of the song briefly appears, then disappears when the video activates. I can work around this by leaving a couple of blank lines in the song before the title, and click on the title once the video starts. If there are no blank lines before the title, you can’t get the title to display unless you select a verse and go back.
  • When a verse is selected the words display. Sometimes they will also disappear entirely on their own, sometimes they can disappear if the main window is resized. This will also sometimes bring them back.

Last Sunday, I set up a full two hours ahead of service start time, and went through the entire service as the band practices. It worked fine.

After practice, I opened a second instance of VLC to play some background music.

When service started the words all disappeared after a couple of seconds whenever I selected a verse. It was so bad, I edited all songs to use still images – which work fine.

I suspect that this is some interaction problem between Quelea and VLC, since if I understand correctly, video backgrounds require VLC to operate.

I won’t be there on the 7th, so I am going to use still images for all songs.
Also, I don’t want to switch to the beta version unless I can be there to monitor it.

However on the 14th I’ll use the beta version.