Issues after moving to Windows 11

Hello all, I am trying to use Quelea on a Windows 11 laptop.

I can display songs just fine but when I try to show a video the black windows just close and shows my desktop.

I have tried many different things to resolve the issue:
I have installed the new Beta version
I have downgraded the VLC player
I have uninstalled everything and reinstalled

Any suggestions are welcome.

Hi ,
I had the same issue but on a desktop.
I wound back to the previous version of Quelea and that fixed the issue, however I also needed to use Jonathan.core’s fix here to make the screen the correct position & size

I got it fixed by doing this:

  1. Right-click the shortcut and select “Open File Location”
  2. Right-click the Quelea executable that should be highlighted and select “properties”
  3. Click the “Compatibility” tab
  4. Click on the button for “Change high DPI settings”
  5. Check the bottom box for “Override high DPI scalling behavior.”
  6. In the drop-down box select “System”
  7. Click Ok for each window and give it a try now!

Then moving the monitor to a different port.