Lower Thirds

I am using quelea with OBS on live stream. I have been able to do everything necessary for screen overlays and all works well. I need to be able to make the Scriptures to present in the bottom third of the screen so the overlay looks good. When I select the bottom row of the 9 squares, the font is so large, it doesn’t matter what position box I select, it still covers a majority of the screen.

How can I make the text I am presenting in either song or Bible text fit the lower third of the screen?

We have been using NDI plugin in OBS and NDI installed on projection computer. By adding NDI as source we are able to shrink that source into a space overlaying main view in OBS

You can use the advanced feature to manually add settings to set the height bound to 33 % (lyric.height.bound=0.33) to only fit the lower third. Let me know if you need any more help to set it up!