Copyright Display

As a new user of Quelea, I am wondering why there seems to be no facility to display a song’s copyright.
I thought that CCLI licencing required it to be displayed - am I wrong?

It shouldn’t be more difficult than adding the CCLI number to the song in the “Detailed information” tab and then activating “Show small song information” in the options. It should then appear in the corner of the song after the song author within parenthesis. If that doesn’t work for you, I guess there might be a bug somewhere. Which version are you using?

I think you may have slightly missed my point.

CCLI number is probably easiest added ona background - then it comes on all songs. No problem.

But the Copyright information is in the ‘detailed information’ for each song, but I can find no way to get the ‘small song information’ box to display the copyright details - and that is what I think we are obliged to display under the terms of CCLI licencing.
Am I wrong, or have I missed something?

You’re right, I read it too quickly, sorry about that! I know we’ve had a few requests about being able to select what song information to display before, see for instance this issue. However, I believe you are right that the copyright information is required as well, so we should probably make sure that it is displayed by default.

Thanks. I do think that is correct - I’m pretty sure the CCLI licence conditions require copyright info to be displayed. So, it would be good to have another field for that - being aware that sometimes it is a pretty long string!

A general option to include one’s own CCLI licence number (which I think is also a requirement) - perhaps in a central box at the bottom - would also be useful. But I certainly got around that with a bespoke background.

I agree, and I feel like it has been discussed before. Feel free to open issues for these two improvements if you want to so that both you and us developers can keep a track of it.

Thanks - I have just done that.