Downloaded EasyWorship 7 Quela won't open

Hi I just recently downloaded Easy Worship 7 and I was attempting to import all my Song Database from Quela to it. However after the installation of EW7 any time I attempted to open the Quelea Application, I am met with a blank screen that doesn’t allow me to do anything to it. I have to force close it through Window means like Alt-F4. Is there a obvious solution that I am missing to this problem. Also is there a way of copy pasting the database from Windows explorer maybe?


I would restore a back-up, made prior to the installation of EW7.
So that Quelea is running correctly again.

EW can’t import a Quelea db directly.
EW doesn’t support the import of OpenLyrics (Quelea can export/import OpenLyrics format).

Perhaps you can copy-paste the Quelea song txt into the EW song editor.

Regards and blessings,

Quelea user