Migration from Easy Worship 2009 to Quelea

Currently we have Easy Worship 2009 installed on a six year old laptop running Windows 8.1. I have built us a new system with Windows 10 64 Home OS. We are looking into Quelea and wondering: 1) can we transfer all our current songs, etc. from EW 2009 to Quelea, 2) will there be any issues since our current items are under 8.1 but we need to transfer to Windows 10 64, and 3) what do we use for migration?

Thanks much.

Quelea has an import option for Easyworship so you should just be able to use that. You’ll need the folder containing the “Songs.DB” file (not just the DB file itself) - point Quelea at the Songs.DB file in that folder and it should get to work.

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Thank you for the quick reply. It is much appreciated. I take it a USB to USB cable or HTML to HTML cable should work for transfer?

Not sure what you mean by those cables, but just transferring it via a USB thumb drive or similar is fine :slight_smile:

Yeah, that is what I decided right after I posted last time. :stuck_out_tongue: Duh-me.