Easyworship 2007 song is blank

I have installed Quelea as a replacement for Easyworship 2007, and after importing songs.mb, I tried to replicate Sunday’s service, and of the 6 songs, 2 were blank apart from the Author. This is one third, so can anyone explain how this happens

Can you zip up your EasyWorship database so we can have a look? Only way for us to say how it happens is to see if we can reproduce it this end.


Not sure if I am allowed to upload on the forum so have attached the zip file

The 2 songs were

The Splendour of the King (2065 CC15)

Tell out my Soul (520 cc15)

Also is there a way of counting the songs in the database, as I’m not sure that all were imported

There are some good features in Quelea, so would like to switch from Easyworship, which is showing signs of age, and we don’t want to pay again for an upgrade


(Attachment songs.zip is missing)

Feel free to send it to michael@quelea.org if you can’t upload it here.

Ah, so the issue here is that you’ve only got the Songs.MB file, which doesn’t contain all the data - so the best Quelea can do is a “best guess” at the songs contained within it. If you import it from its original location that contains the various other files that make up the database, it should import properly.