Import a Powerpoint File Database for Songs

My church used a 2007 Version of Easy Worship , we are now upgrading to Windows 10 but that version of Easy Worship is not compatible. So I have a huge PowerPoint data base of our songs. Is there a way to import a PowerPoint data base as songs without having to use the “Add presentation” option? Or is there a way to convert PowerPoint files into a compatible database that can be imported with the default options.
Thank you!

Can a .ppt database import option be added in source code?

I use Easyworhip 2007 on Windows 10 as well as Quelea. I switched from Easyworship as the videos stopped working, but powerpoint works, as well as the song database. You can convert the Easyworship song databse to Quelea, but are all your songs in Powerpoint. I find that files saved as Powerpoint 2003 (.ppt) work best in both software, but there are differences in presentation. For example, I tried to show one presentation in Quelea and only half the screen was shown. In Easyworship it was shown in full but half the normal size, so unreadable. I had to revert to show it in Powerpoint. Apart from this one presentaion, I have no issues with powerpoint in Easyworship, so if this is how you show your songs, I would continue to use it, although I now use Quelea 90% of the time

Here’s a link from Michael on this, posted in the former Quelea Google Group.!searchin/quelea-discuss/powerpoint|sort:date/quelea-discuss/9-tzx_cU44s/nArOVwjQCQAJ