Stage View to Livestream overlay

I want to take the stage view output and feed the HDMI into an ATEM Mini Pro video production switch with chroma key over video on a livestream. That way the projector output can still use rich themes inside the church building.

I think it will work but ran into a few small issues:

  1. I don’t see a way to disable the on-screen clock in the bottom corner.

  2. The setting to always capitalize the first letter of a line doesn’t seem to affect stage view.

Please let me know what you think.

I would think this would be a great new use case for the Stage View output as many churches are resuming meeting in-person in limited numbers, while offering live streaming to those at home during COVID-19.

What I did is use the stage view did custom position and moved the display down enough to hide the Clock and used the luma flying key to move my text to the top of the display for worship overlay

hello, maybe you could check my software called quelobizer, it helps in live streaming situation to show texts.
You can check it here:

@berry120 What do you think about adding an option to disable the on-screen clock for stage view? Seems like a reasonably simple UI tweak that would fit certain use cases. Happy to do it if you think it is worth while.

Is there anyway to use this for the stage view? I use the chords as an overlay for our steam. :slight_smile: