How to customize Shortcuts? Translations shown as Standard

I am testing the latest nightly version, I saw in the changelog that it is now possible to customise shortcuts.
Where can I find the option?

We often sing English songs with German translation.

Is it possible to show the translation by default without having to set it for each song individually?
Thanks in advance for your help

Hi Sterwe,

The keyboard shortcuts are added as an advanced setting, meaning that you can manually set it in the file. We haven’t updated the wiki yet since we haven’t released the feature in a stable release, but you can see the information about how to use it in the pull request I created. Just ask if you have any additional questions about it.

Regarding the option to always show a translation, feel free to create an issue for it so that we can keep track of it. It should be relative easy to add, but I can’t make any promises as to when we’ll get to it.