Idea for new feature..Optimize pagebreaks (lines) for optimal screen coverage/looks

Hi there…

i got nice idea (but clumbersome)

during writing my banchelor thesis i used latex and it did lines for me for optimal and nice coverage of pages
…it would be nice if quelea have similar feature for quelea. Sice there are many permutation to do slide by hand. also this would require quelea to support non breaking spaces (and since that is not on our keyboards… there should be regex for bulk find and replace)

By non-breaking spaces do you mean new lines without creating a new slide? If so, you can use CTRL+Enter.

Just a personal view on Latex: I think it might be overly complicated for anyone not coming from a mathematical background, however, MarkDown might be an interesting option.

We definitely wouldn’t support LaTeX notation - I’ve also used it for academic work, but it’s way to over the top for Quelea!

That said, we did muse supporting a Markdown type interface a while ago for italicising certain parts of songs, so it’s possible we may do that one day. No promises on timescales however :slight_smile: