Page Break for Song Print

Hello! I’m an avid and enthusiastic Quelea user. The best free & open worship projection option out there, IMHO. Anything lacking at this point is mere polish. The development team has done a smashing job!

I’m wondering if there would be a way to force a page break for song printing? This would simply be a line in HTML or some such code that would be invisible on screen or page, but would ensure a sensible song layout when printing. I have several songs at the moment that finish page 1 with the chords that should sit over the lyrics atop page 2. I do realize song printing is not meant to be Quelea’s forte. As I said, polish.

Thanks very much for the kind words!

No way to do a page break at the moment, and I’m not sure this is something we’d add in explicitly - but like you say, the chords and words definitely shouldn’t be split across pages like that. Arguably verses shouldn’t even be split across pages if at all possible! If you create a Github issue for it then we’ll take a look :slight_smile: