How to import lyrics from word.docx formats?

Hello ,
I started to use the Quelea presenter which is a great tool!
Thank to those who developed this.
I am trying to import some songs written in word format, but I cannot find a simple way to do that.
Do anybody in this community have some advice?
Kind regards
Rolf Berntzen

Hi Rolf,

Thanks for the praise! Word documents are not always easy to extract text from since it might be formatted in many different ways. That’s why it’s not possible for us to add as a feature to Quelea.

However, there are some tools that try to extract the content to a plain text file (which would be my best guess for importing it to Quelea). You can search for different solutions online, but here is another open source project that is run from the command line: GitHub - ankushshah89/python-docx2txt: A pure python based utility to extract text and images from docx files.

If you want a GUI for it you might want to try easytextract, though it doesn’t seem to be maintained anymore.

Either way, you should be prepared that the result probably won’t be flawless. Let us know if you find a solution that works for you.



Hello Rolf,
If your songs were individually typed and saved in Word (not as images within Word), you might consider trying the following on a single Word file:

  • Access the file in Word and use Word’s “Save as” feature and select the “Save as type: Plain Text (.txt)” option.
  • Within Quelea, Click on the Database, Import, Plain text option to access the new .txt file.

Then, find the song which has the file name and see how it displays. If it doesn’t require much editing in Quelea to make it look presentable, then it seems likely that this technique will work for individual songs to be imported. Arvid’s guidance may then streamline the process.

Our church loves Quelea. we found It can take some experimentation and time to optimize imported songs.