Importing fro zionworks

I am totally new to Quelea and have a large dadabase from Zionworx.
I need to enable this but do not know how?


  1. If you are on ZionWorx 2.6 : try to use the built-in Quelea importer.

Unpack the latest TurboDB Data Exchange (Windows) from: “dataweb Download Start
So, the .quelea folder c:\Users.quelea\ contains TdbDataX.exe

  1. If you are on the latest ZionWorx 2014 - : the Quelea importer doesn’t work yet.

Import ZionWorx 2014 - database not possible (non-existing MainTable.dat) #274

You could try the (elaborate) recipe described for OpenLP in:

Songs — OpenLP 3.0 Reference Manual


  • Use TurboDB for VLC 6 to create an export CSV-file.
  • Import this CSV-file in OpenLP.
  • Import OpenLP into Quelea.

I have tried everywhere to download the file tdbdadax,exe but windows defender prevents the download due to bad viruses
. where can i find this file safely. It needs to be in the quelea folder in order for me to import from Zionworx.

tdbdataz.exe not ,exe !!

also turbodb for vlc6 causes the same block

tdbdatax.exe - misspelt above

Step 1)
You can click the link:

dataweb Download Start

Step 2)

Step 3)