Importing music files

This seems so basic I am afraid to ask.
How do you import mp3 and MIDI files?

I’ve also asked questions that the answer might seem somewhat obvious to me now but didn’t when I needed to know the answer.

It took me a few minutes to remember how to import mp3 and similar files. Here are some screenshots that may be helpful…


Thanks for your speedy and helpful response.

Unfortunately I have been down this route. I have checked it out again and it is fine for mp3 files but I am trying to load from a CD which contains MID Audio File (VLC). These do not seem to register as “multimedia”.

Thanks for the screen shots, mine are slightly different. In your second one the file type box shows Multimedia files (*.mkv,*MK - mine just shows Multimedia files with no file extensions. The drop down menu doesn’t give any other options.

I am using build 2020.0, I will try updating to 2021.0.

Back in 2007 we bought Easyworship and it took me months to set that up and I am quite a bit older now!!

Currently supported audio extensions: “mp3”, “MP3”, “wav”, “WAV”, “wma”, “WMA”

You could use a conversion tool or a conversion website to get, for example, MP3 versions of your MID files.

Thanks for the conformation that MIDI is not supported.

I had considered file conversion as a fall back option so that is the way to go.

Thanks all for your help.