Mobile Lyrics

Is there a possibility we could get

  1. Version of mobile lyrics with chords ALWAYS visible. I am looking to use the browser output as a browser source overlay in OBS but having to go in and click the gear to display chords (though I can automate this too probably) is an extra step that our volunteers would have to troubleshoot if our live stream didn’t have chords visible.

  2. consistent size option for mobile lyrics. When I attempted to use the above approach for an overlay the lyric size changes with each slide.

To avoid needing another display output from our sanctuary computer I output our stage display to the main display where the control screen is output. I use custom positioning and then display capture for just that area. However, display capture is more CPU intensive than browser capture (in OBS) so I would like to use the browser option. I am asking for the one with chords since we include that in our live stream each week.

Hi David,

These look like good suggestions, but afraid I can’t promise when (or if) we’d get around to them at present - it’s all time dependent I’m afraid! Could you create an issue on Github for each of those points ( and then paste the links here so we can track progress? Thanks!

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