Motion background is not fullscreen on the projector screen

I recently installed quelea and it looks great.
But I encounter one big problem for me. For different songs I took the video background option. But when I hit “Go Live” the lyrics show on the full screen, but the motion background video only show in the top-left corner, filling a little more the half the screen.

I have spend hours trying to see how I can fix this. Is there a solution in Quelea itself, or is the solution in the VLC player?

Looking forward to the help I need. Thanks.

When I play the video itself, it is also about half screen in the top-left corner. Beyond that I see my extended desktop background.

Images however show full screen.

And if I play the video mp4 file in VLC then full screen is no problem at all

Some users have reported issues similar to this when scaling is enabled in Windows. Does it behave the same way if you disable scaling?

Thanks for your reply

How do I disable scaling?

Just change the option “Change the size of text, apps and other items” to 100%. See this article on how to locate it. Note that you should be able to set the scaling for your computer screen and projector screen separately. Decreasing the resolution might also be an option.