Notices freezing sometimes

Hi, just joined the Quelea community and want to thank you for a great product which has served us very well for quite a while now. . We’re pleased that we can now store multiple notices but have found recently that when we have loaded service info overnight and left the program minimised, the notices option freezes. Would it be advisable to only open the program at the time we intend to use it?

Hmm, from what you’re describing then opening at the time you intend to use it would be sensible, but it clearly shouldn’t be doing that. After it crashes, could you attach the debug log here so we can have a look and see if there’s anything there that’s relevant?


Thanks, next time it happens again I’ll do what you suggest, (apologies though I’m not sure how to ‘attach the debug log’ so would appreciate a heads up! )

Get BlueMail for Android

Just noticed the link explaining that! Duh.