Planning Center Integration

Why can’t I import songs from Planning Center?

Hey, not sure what you mean by export songs from Planning center? (I’m not familiar with the product, but it sounds more of a Planning Center question than a Quelea question at the moment.)

I’m so sorry. I had a wrong question. There is an option to import songs from Planning Center Online. I have logged in but for some reason, it does not work.

No worries - I’m afraid we can’t really help with that though as the planning centre integration was written by an external contributor, and we don’t have a planning centre account to test it with.

If other use the planning centre import option, they may be able to wade in and help however :slight_smile:

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Thank you! Planning Center is really a big help to our church ministry. There we schedule people and send out our set list for Sunday (including chords for musicians and lyrics for vocalists).
The integration would be helpful because we would not have to input songs in Planning Center AND Quelea. Considering we are a small church with minimal manpower.

I’m still exploring Quelea’s potential as a Church Presentation software.
I highly recommend Planning Center, too. We’ve been using it for months now, though it has been around for years.

I have the same issue, impossible to log into my plannigncenter account and so no way to import song from there.

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we also use Planning Centre, and cannot import.
I think that the songs need to be set up correctly in Planning Centre before they will import, but I haven’t yet figured out what that is.

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