Powerpoint import failure problem

We have had one ongoing problem with Quelea, though I suspect it’s not actually a problem with Quelea as such but with Apple. Our pastor creates a Powerpoint each week on his Mac and sends it to me; I then have to adjust it in LibreOffice because Powerpoint on Mac seems to be a bit odd in its settings. I save the Powerpoint back as pptx, but it will never import into Quelea - the bar at the bottom keeps spinning and it never completes. The Powerpoint is small - a few K in size - and Powerpoints from other sources open just fine, so I’m interested also if you have come across this and have any suggestions?

Afraid this is almost certainly a limitation of the library we’re using to generate the thumbnails, which means there’s unfortunately not a great deal we can do about it (it’s not a great library, but it’s unfortunately the only free one available.)

Short of writing our own library which would be a mammoth project in itself, I’m not really sure there’s much we can do about these types of issues I’m afraid - we upgrade the library every so often but in reality, this seems to do very little to help those files that fail to import.