Quelea gets very slow over time

On a fresh Windows install, Quelea performance is great. The application starts quickly and works well. Several months later, this is the second time that performance has degraded to the point where startup takes several minutes, as does loading a saved service or clicking OK on the options screen. I know if I reinstall Windows I can get back to good performance but am hoping someone can point me in the right direction to resolve. I sometimes see javaw.exe not responding in Task Manager. Other applications like PowerPoint launch fast and run normally.

Several minutes definitely doesn’t sound right there, even with a huge database!

Do you have many videos in the library? I seem to remember we had an issue with that years ago, but that should have been long fixed.

Beyond that, how big is your .quelea directory? (it’ll be in C:\users\USERNAME folder - note the dot at the beginning.) If it’s at the size where you can zip it up for us to take a look, that’d be great.

If you could attach the debug log that’d be great too.

Thanks for the quick response.

The .quelea folder is only 330MB.
We don’t use many videos.
Sent debug log via email.

Thanks again.

I am using quelea without speed issues on a very old laptop (32 bit, 2Gb RAM, dual core, formerly running Windows Vista) running Lubuntu linux. Now also in Ubuntu Mate , 64bit.
(I will update this thread in future if I notice any speed issues)

We have encountered no speed problems with Quelea. We use a 7 year old PC ungraded with a SSD and Win 10. Since Quelea works fine for you from a fresh install, I would look for other conflicting programs. When you have some extra ‘play’ time, open Task Manager > More Details and look at the performance tab. Is anything being overwhelmed? Likely candidates are the CPU or Drive 0 running 100% for too long. Also note the percentage of available memory being used. With that info, go to the Process tab, sort by CPU, Disk, or Memory to determine the processes using the most resources. Then look up the particular processes, find what programs they belong to, then take it from there. I suspect the offender is another program. Another possibility is hardware related but sorting the processes and checking the CPU type and amount of memory should help reveal that type of problem. I hope this helps.

I took another look at this tonight and it is working better.

  1. I moved the .quelea folder to a temporary location.
  2. I launched Quelea (launched fairly quick) - A new .quelea folder was generated.
  3. I closed Quelea, deleted the new .quelea folder and copied the original one back.
  4. I launched Quelea again and it now opened quickly with all of the original data.

Can’t explain it, but I’m happy it works.

I find this interesting, because although Quelea still works great for us, the Quelea boot time seems to have slowly gotten longer to where we were waiting for a couple of minutes for the program screens to load.

I replaced HDD with SDD and we’re down to a 30 second program boot-up, but I seem to recall it being shorter in the past.