Multiple Windows User Accounts


I want to have a separate Windows User Account for everyone that uses our Church Computer. The problem is when you open Quelea on these new Windows User Accounts, Quelea doesn’t find the Quelea database stored in the .quelea folder that is setup up within the folder of the original Windows User Account it was installed from.

Is there a way of having the .quelea folder that contains the Quelea database stored in a central location instead of being stored within the original Windows User Account User folder and then each individual Windows User Account would be able to access the Quelea database, because at the moment I have had to setup just one Windows User Account for everyone to use.


Way, way back there used to be a command line option for setting the location of the .quelea folder, but I’m pretty sure that was removed long ago in a tidy-up of various features no-one was using (we’re talking back in the 0.x releases here.)

I think that’s a valid use case though, and I’m sure a similar issue has been raised in the past (I think someone wanted the ability to store it on a removable drive.) If you want to create a GitHub issue I’d be happy to look at adding this into the next release after 2019.1 is out, so long as there’s no major blockers I haven’t considered.


I suppose a workaround might be to create a symlink of the database folder to a shared folder. You should of course be able to do that with the entire .quelea folder, but since the file also contains file paths, it’s not ideal to share that file between several users.