Request keyboard shortcut mod: down-arrow goes to first slide of next service item

Hello. Thank you so much for your work on this. It is quite impressive, and beats OpenLP and OpenSong by miles.

I would like to request a modification (enhancement) to a current keyboard shortcut. Currently, when on the last slide of a song (for example), in order to show the first verse of the next song, you must:

  1. arrow-left to the preview pane
  2. arrow-left to the order of service pane
  3. arrow-down to the next item in the order of service
  4. spacebar to send that item live

I would suggest that when on the last verse (or slide/section) of a song, you can progress to the first slide of the next song by

  1. arrow-down to the first slide in the next item listed in order of service

It’s like you could use down-arrow to take you step-by-step through the entire service, no other keys needed. This would solve my problem with using a page-turning foot controller to advance my song slides as I play and lead group singing. OpenLP has an option to use the arrow-down or arrow-right to “go-to-next” when at the end of a song/section. From the OpenLP preferences:

Screenshot 2020-02-17 13.46.18

Currently I must take my hand off my guitar, navigate through to the next item in order of service, then resume using my feet to advance slides in that song.

Thank you for your consideration. The 2020.0 looks very good, nice work on updating the UI. I’m a graphic designer and musician. If I can be of any service to your group, please let me know. Keep up the excellent work!!

Vancouver, BC Canada

This is the only thing keeping me form using this at church… Has there been no answer?

Check both Quelea user options:

  • Advance schedule on live display
  • Overflow current song into next song

(I’m using Quelea version 2019.0)



Dirk / Q user

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I’ve got both of those selected, but it still doesn’t progress. I can press the space bar to advance it, but the down arrow progresses through the song.

Update: i was using the down arrow to test it. With my pedal (and a page down key) it works properly thanks!

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