Drag and drop Powerpoint slideshows then show as 1 continuous show

I drag and drop several slideshows (different songs each in its own powerpoint .pptx file) into quelea.
When I present the show from the beginning then it shows only the first slideshow in the Live section.
When I get to the end of the first slideshow I then have to click on the 2nd slideshow in the order of service section to go live with the next slideshow.
I would like to go live and for it to just continue on as 1 long continuous slideshow.
Is that possible? if so then how?

Try to go to Tools>Options
And in the General>User Options>Schedule Options Enable:

  • Advance schedule on Live Display
  • Overflow current song into next song

Hope its what you wanted. If you now advance the presentation with the arrow keys it jumps to the next one.

Why are your songs in PowerPoints rather than in the Quelea database? Quelea is so much more flexible and powerful for that.

They come from a digital version of a song book our church uses that exports to PowerPoint and are not just lyrics but all the music notes etc… as well.