Suggestion: Add "Copy" option(s) to drop down menu(s) during Song editing

One of our previous EasyWorshop users commented that it would be really helpful if Quelea included a COPY option when a Song is being edited (in the Order of Service section). Currently PASTE is the only available option displayed. I’m aware that ctrl c is a shortcut for this function but believe that it would be beneficial if COPY is added to the displayed options. Sometimes a user might change a song and then later need to copy it from the Order of Service section and then paste it into the Song Database.

If an “Also Save to Song Database” option (similar to what EasyWorship has) was made available when the user edits a song listed in the Order of Service, that would be even better since it would no longer be necessary to copy and paste a song or a revision into the database if it was modified or created for a particular service and it was decided that we want to store it that way for the future as well.

This would definitely be a nice to have - unfortunately I think the menu here is restricted by a library we’re using for song formatting, but I’ll take a look and see if there’s anything we can do. Having paste and not copy is a bit inconsistent!