Section headings UI problem

As you can see in the attached UI picture, the headings are unreadable or in some other language.

I did uninstalled Quelea, installed back 2019.1 version, uninstalled again, installed 2019.0, and the problem persists.

Help me to fix it please.

Looks like you have another language set - you should be able to change it back to English by going to Tools -> Options?

:confused: It is not the case. As you can see in the picture below, the language is set to English. Plus, the headings into the options menu are also in another character set.

Very odd.

In your C:\users\USERNAME.quelea folder (note the dot) you should have a file called “”. Can you take a backup of that, then delete it and restart Quelea? Curious as to if a corrupted setting has caused it somewhere along the line.

Thanks for replying.

Just did it whit no different result :anguished:

Finally uninstalled because I did not manage to fix the problem :frowning_face:

Afraid I’ve still no idea what’s causing it, so (aside from maybe trying a different version like 2020.0 beta to see if that fixes it somehow) I’m really not sure what to suggest.

Unfortunately if we’ve got no way to reproduce it this end, then it’s not something we’re going to be able to fix.

Thank you for replying, just the same issue with 2020.0 beta. I’m wondering if there’s a sort of java configuration messed up in my computer.

Bizarre. I don’t think it’d be a system level Java issue as Quelea bundles a version of java we know is compatible. Don’t suppose you have scaling turned on in windows? That sometimes does odd things, but I haven’t seen this particular behaviour yet.